MJP News 1, 2010: MJP Waterjets in Coast Guard and Navy

01 January 2010

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After 2009, the most successful year in the MJP business, we are looking forward to 2010 with confidence. The order books are good and we continue our expansion into the world wide governmental deals. Jets are very well suited for Coast Guard and Naval vessels. An especially interesting area is landing crafts were the heavy duty all stainless steel MJP product is selected for projects in Spain, France and in the UK.

Around the world MJP jets are used in vessels for patrolling, surveillance, peace keeping and chasing drug smugglers. The product is extremely strong and well performing. MJP combines excellent high speed performance with patrolling and low speed maneuverability. Jets are generally very kind to the engine. The shaft speed varies very little with ship speed, load, sea and weather condition, minimizing the wear and tear on the engine and gear. MJP is operating on five continents, governments in over 20 countries use MJP and MJP is represented in over 30 countries. MJP is the natural first choice for Coast Guard and Navy vessels.

South Korea

After the success of the 500 ton class Coast Guard Vessel in Taiwan, MJP followed up with the 500 ton class vessels for South Korea. The vessels often weighing up to 800 tons operate very well at ship speeds above 30 knots. In contracts totaling to a quarter billion Swedish Kronor, MJP is delivering equipment to 15 vessels using MJP 750 and 950 jets.

South Africa

MJP started a cooperation in South Africa to develop the MJP business on the African continent. From its base in Cape Town KND “Kobus Naval Design” will cover the Sales and Service in South Africa, Mozambique, Namibia, Angola and Nigeria. KND is the leading naval architectural practice of its kind in South Africa. Founded in 1984, the company’s prime focus is professional services and end-to-end business solutions. KND is a member of Royal Institute of Naval Architects(UK), Society of Boat & Yacht Designers (USA), Society of Naval Architects & Marine Engineers(USA), South African Boatbuilders Export  Council.

Landing crafts

MJP has set a new standard for landing crafts. It began with several years of testing of prototypes before the series of 12 vessels were built for the Spanish Army/Navy. The jets are exposed to extreme conditions when they approach and operate on the beach with only a feet of water below the hull. The amount of material, dirt, sand, stones and rubbish, pumped through the jets is enormous. Despite this treatment until now, the jets have not been serviced. The reason for the extreme sturdiness of the MJP jets is the duplex stainless steel alloys used made for the best wear and corrosion resistance. The jets are of standard execution with modified drive shaft seals suitable for dredging conditions. As a result of the good experiences in Spain, the MJP product is selected for governmental projects in France and UK. Among the good features for the landing crafts fitted with jets are: shallow draft, no anchors needed for leaving the beach, no overloading of engine despite extreme load variations and higher top speed with faster loading and unloading of mother ship.


World class after sales

MJP has grown with many installations around the world. To meet the increased demand of After Sales Services and Support the MJP organization is changed and reinforced.

After a concluded sale, a Project group takes over the contacts internally within MJP and its subcontractors as well as externally with the building yard and end user. The Project group is responsible for contacts with the classification society, the required testing to receive internal and external approvals and to ensure the quality of the delivery. The After Sales group takes over after delivery from the MJP factory and takes care of all contacts during installation at the yard, start-up, sea trials and ship delivery. They plan and perform training and are responsible for contacts during the warranty period and after the guarantee has expired. The advantage is that the After Sales group is very well informed about the specific delivery as well as the shipyard and the end user contacts. Their deep knowledge and experience will assist the yard to make the most suitable installation for the best performance and a long service life. The personal contacts made during this period are very valuable during the warranty period and after warranty has expired since the communication is more fluent between parties who already know each other and the details of the installation.

The service efforts are organized at the headquarters in Österbybruk and Sweden and MJP service technicians travel around the globe. Our experienced staff performs the important task of product and service training for customers and agencies. The training can take place in Sweden or at the customer’s  facilities. Spare parts are managed in Österbybruk that is conveniently located close to Stockholm Arlanda International airport. Parts are delivered to the airport and flown around the world for fast deliveries.


“We have a competent team that is responsible for all After Sales. It is important that the customer receives correct assistance as quickly as possible” says Niklas Widemark, After Sales Department Manager at MJP Waterjets. “We have many units in operation and we need to further improve our efforts to meet an increased demand. The aim is that the customer always should be happy with our effort. At the same time we see increased business opportunities for MJP” says Hans Andersson CEO of MJP Waterjets. Six people are dedicated within MJP Waterjets After Sales. In addition other members of the organization can be involved in After Sales from time to time as required. The MJP agent network is responsible for the day to day contacts and service on each local market.


A unique design tool for everybody who wants to make the best choice for their water jet vessel. It contains valuable information that will assist the designer with better understanding of a jet propelled vessel, how to choose jets, importance of gearbox ratio, intake options, shaft arrangements, jet position, hydraulics and control systems, including interceptor and rudder interface options. Please contact MJP to ensure your own hard copy.


Hans Andersson is Managing Director of MJP Waterjets since April 2009. His background is within the field of steel industry in general and marine applications in particular. He is a technician with a dedicated interest to market activities. Focus will be to increase and improve the marketing process for both New Sales and After Sales. To ensure success the processes for project and technical development must become more clear. The target is to improve market share and further increase our sales, especially within the field of governmental applications such as Coast Guard vessels and Patrol boats where we have already achieved notable good sales. Our expansion will be based upon an extremely well performing and reliable product together with World Class Service from an enthusiastic and skilled MJP staff. Most important for our future success will be the continued forging of valuable and sound long-term relationships with our customer and business partners